Quotation by Clive Woodward OBE about the Squad Somatograph

Clive Woodward OBE

"Bert, Margo & Team have designed an Elite Fitness Program in a Computerised Excel Somatograph Format, (can be purchased seperately), depicting and analysing Personal Fitness Assessment, in my opinion a very useful tool to have in your possession"
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A readme programme formulated by leading southern hemisphere fitness guru "Doug King" plus A new Olympic Style Fitness Circuit with Warm Up and Warm Down 8 Station Fitness Course by World Accredited Fitness Experts in All Sports. 3 programmes in 1 formula.

The Scientific Excel Squad Somatograph

You Will Require Microsoft Excel or an equivalent product to Operate the Somatograph

This Somatograph has been designed Specifically
to Compliment the Charts in Each of the Manuals.

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Quotation by Doug King - RCpN DipNg PGCertHealSc (Sports Med)
This somatograph consists of Tests that can be undertaken over a period of time and when combined would present the tester with a percentage appropriation of where the individual players fitness was at. These tests included Aerobic, Anearobic, Strength, Flexibiliy and Agility aspects with guidlines on when to best put the participants through the tests and in what order.

Well not to be outdone, Bert and His Team have taken this One-Step Further into the Computer Age and had the testing formula made available on an Excel Spreadsheet.

This programme is very easy to utilise, can incorporate upto 20 players individually and will automatically present the tester with the percentage of desired fitness of the player on their own fitness assesment sheet, and collectively on a Team Sheet.

The whole programme comes complete with notes to all aspects of the form, printable hard copies for the coaches and the players own records and automatic calculations for the ease of completing the tests.

The scoring is essentially a rating of 4 for an Excellent Pass, a 3 for an Average Pass and a 0 for Not Meeting the Pass Mark. These are all explained in the enclosed Readme Notes and are the basis on the percentage formula that is produced and the guidlines for what is an excellent or an average pass is also included.

What can I do with the Somatograph?
You can use the somatograph to record and analyse the performance and improvements/failings of an Individual (maybe yourself) or a Squad of up to 20 Players by utilising the fitness charts within the manuals.

So what will it tell me?
It will tell you a wide number of important things all relative to the quality of the information you have inputted.

  • It can tell you the Accurate Fitness Levels of Individuals or the Whole Squad
  • It can tell you the Individuals or the Squads Weakness Areas (important for improvement)
  • It can record these results over any given period of time, allowing you to carry out long term studies
  • You can save all this information into individual records by date, individual or squad
  • You can print the information and keep manual records which can be used out in the field
  • This somatograph is the "Ultimate Selector / Deselector" of Squad Members making the descision for the coach of "Who Plays", the Somatograph will highlight the most suitable squad members.

In fact the uses are only limited by your imagination, but regardless of that the primary use is to "Improve Results" allowing you to concentrate on what does need improving.

What does it look like
Their are many screens to View within the Somatograph, but here is a Screenshot of the Rusults Page which will present you with a Crearly Defined set of Results of Your Squads Fitness Levels which will "Auto Fill" as individual records are inserted into the files, it will present you with a clean, clear set of facts and figures allowing you to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

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