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This manual is the “pre-requisite and key”, to open the door of future players “Mega bucks earnings capacity”.

The cascade of defined informative and illustrated chapters introduces Physiology, Psychology & Technology i.e. skills, nutrition, progressive resistance training etc. giving the interested person, the opportunity to achieve previously unattainable goals. Sport and Fitness Guru Bert Holcroft and Team.

Secrets of the Professional Coach Revealed of
Gameplans, Tactics, Strategies, Techniques and Ploys.

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Soccer Revelations Coaching Knowledge

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Soccer Tactics
In past years, Pre-War and early Post-War, the accepted formula for “Tactics and Strategies in Soccer”, were formulated around the tactical
(5x3x2) plan.

5 - 3 - 2 FormationEuropean Soccer Tactics
The changes came with the introduction of the “European game to Britain”, the “Europeans” and the “Continentals”, introduced new positional formats, completely different tactical field positions, than the previous accepted (5x3x2) game plan.

Positional Changes
The new formats and positional changes were adopted by the “4 - 4 - 2 FormationBritish Coaches” as the “Holy Grail of Futuristic Soccer”. These changing formats revolutionised the whole concept of previous positional play, and placed greater demand on the players “fitness levels” !

These new modern formations also placed great emphasis on player movements, they introduced mobility and flexibility amongst their players by asking them to participate in “Defence and Attack”.

Womens FootballEuropean and Continental Coaches created these innovative strategies and integrating positional changes by using attacking players to assist in defence, and defensive players to assist in attacking moves.

New Demands on the Players
This concept of multiple positional changes during a game, transformed the British game by demanding from its players a greater all around fitness and involvement in both “Attack and Defence”.

Managers, Coaches and Conditioners realised that player’s fitness levels had to be changed dramatically, the Professional Clubs all of a sudden had to employ a clinical level of expertise, in came

  • Fitness Levels Required Dramatic Re-ThoughtExercise Physiologist's
  • Sports Psychologists
  • Sports Therapists
  • Nutritionists

and additional training aids, such as

  • progressive resistance exercises,
    (using previous taboo of Weight-Training) i.e.
    • sprint resistance sleds
    • back-packs

Innovating a Complete New Format of Aerobic and An-Aerobic Exercises

  • Defence and Attack, a Shared ResponsibilityPlyodynamics
  • Plyokinetics
  • Sprint Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength and Power-Drills

all of a sudden these modern fitness innovations became the norm, inevitably these new additions had to be implemented to increase the capacity of their player’s fitness levels to cope with this new format of “Soccer Revelations”.

Players Attitudes
Players own personal realisations suddenly took a complete change towards Fitness Assessments, as Coaches and Managers realised that players were expected to run further and faster during every game, (instead of their previous minimal involvement), they had to change their appraisals and promote a complete reversal of their previous training i.e.

  • times
  • days
  • energy systems and equipment

New Playing TechniquesThese new formats demanded more physical involvement to implement, placing greater exertion on “Energy Systems”, and the players “Body Systems”.

It soon became quite evident that a whole new fitness regime had materialised and It became obvious, to maintain your position in a team would mean accepting these new fitness levels and changes.

The words “Exercise Physiology”, would have to be accepted, and promoted, Higher Percentages of the “Nine Levels of Fitness”, would have to become a priority. Every player would now have to be aware that, higher levels of “Fitness and Endurance”, as well as “Technical Proficiencies”, would be a “pre-requisite”, to become involved in this modernistic football.

The Future of the Professional Football / Soccer Player
We predict that in the future Professional Soccer Players will be elevated into the realms of fantasy, “all star players”, who have achieved this status, would demand “Mega Bucks” for their services.

With the intervention of the “European Bill of Rights”, relating to employment ethics and F.I.F.A.’s rulings on the proposed transfer system, these star players will be surrounded by a consortium of personal consultants such as;

  • New Levels of Professionalism for the Modern Day FootballerManagers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • P.R. persons i.e. T/V etc
  • Business Consultants

Along with the player’s own personal training consortium i.e.

Personal Fitness Trainer
The player’s most important addition, would be his “Personal Fitness Trainer”, it would be up to this person to make sure his charges (attain), (maintain) and (sustain), a very high level of “superior fitness”, so that they can maintain their status as “Super Stars”, these “Super Stars” will also have another source of information. These additional experts are;

  • Video Analysts and
  • Technical Proficiency Advisors

Womens Football / Soccer will naturally develop along the same curveEmployed specifically to monitor their game with the implementations of complex innovative additions to football, changing the whole scenario. Professional clubs, with the (24 year old) (FIFA Rule) i.e. (for retaining contracted players), will target (schoolboy – football) and junior players as young as (13 years of age) will be recruited by scouts.

Playing Life Expectancy
Pro footballers – valid expectancy in their new professional era, will be a short (15 years) up to the age of (28)! All futuristic Team Managers will aim for an average age limit of (22 years) promoting (28 years old) available only for the very experienced categories, maybe (one or two positions) in a defensive roll could be filled by these senior footballers.

With this evolution in mind We have written this “Personal Fitness and Technical Proficiency Football Manual”, so that every person interested in football can achieve, “Mega Stardom Status” and “Elite Fitness For Futuristic Soccer”.

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