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Rugby Union Manual Review - (Cont)
Elite Rugby Players Fitness Secrets

Have you asked yourself "Why are some nations so good at sport". It seems they specialise in acheiving results that the rest of us can only dream about.

Simply they use to their benefit the information available to them from Professional Coaches like Bert Holcroft Accredited III Coach, known the world over for creating fitness regimes that produce "Super Athletes".

Rubgy Union
Futuristic 15 Man Rugby Manual

Futuristic 15 Man Rugby

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This program is the precurser for "Prehab", an Injury Prevention Program.

Manual 1:
Breaking the TackleA Concise manual covering all aspects of Advanced Body and Mental Programming for Success, Mental Image Training (M.I.T.)
(7 Chapters)

Chapter 1:
Modern Rugby, Elite Fitness for Rugby Excellence, Facilitiating a New Mode of Smart Rugby, Scientific Fitness Revelations, Psychological + Physiological factors, Interacting, Interchanging, Integrating to attain New World, League and Union Supremecy.

Chapter 2:
Self Assessment - A) Scientific Testing, B) Fitness analysis for sport, Applied kinesiology, Nine Components, Five intensity levels + 4 Fitness Grades.

Chapter 3:
Stepping Through a TacklePlayers winning ways + Commitments, Principles and Applications, Game Tension analysis, Continuity Rugby (T Ball) Disciplines, Evasion Techniques, Technical Proficiences in Contact, Impact and Collision areas.

Chapter 4:
Coaching Knowledge, Modern Rugby Defining Psychology in Coaching Rugby, Behavioural aspects of Coaching and Winning Ways.

Chapter 5:
League and Union Rugby Supremecy, Principles and Applications, Contact Contract Rugby, Stress and Pressure situations, Bio-Mechanics of Passing and Receiving, Ploys and Plays in PRO T Ball Rugby.

Chapter 6:
Diving Tackle Scientific Tackling Rugby Revelations to effect an Efficient and Proficient Tackle, Physiology of Human Movement to Facilitate the Correct Techniques of Tackling.

Chapter 7:
Sports Nutritional Analysis, Determining the Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold, Energy to Burn, Chemical Energy and Pre-Game Nutritional Energy.



Prehab, is a Personalised fitness program based on A.R.T.H.E.R's Quest, eg;

  • Strength and FitnessAge
  • Related
  • Target
  • Heart
  • Exercise
  • Rate

Microsoft Excel Somatographformulated into a Microsoft Excel Ergometric Exercise Somatograph scientifically developed to evolve until the practising particpants have acheived the accepted score of 48 points (100% fitness), either on a Personal Level or as a Squad, providing Sports Specific Accreditation for All Sports Participants.

As this Program is Governed by A.R.T.H.E.R's quest "Prehab" is promoted, evolving a personalised Injury Prevention Program" by formulating and addressing Total Body Evaluation of the Pre-Requisite (9) levels and (12) components of Fitness facilitating the requirements of Physical Excellence to Participate in the "Sport of Your Choice" at the Highest Level, adhere to A.R.T.H.E.R's request combined with the S.A.I.D principle of weight training (progressive resitance exercise) to acheive your goal e.g S.A.I.D equates;

    Strength and FitnessWeight Training
  • Specific
  • Adaption to
  • Increased
  • Demands

As described in Manual Fitness Analysis for All Sports.


You Could Interpret "LUCK" in Sport as an advantage where

What Can be Imagined

Your Body is a Garden



Comments About Our Manuals
Our Manuals have already sold in Large Numbers, and have been Purchased and Read by many Leading Lights of the Sports World, we have attracted Compliments for our developments from Leading Figures such as Clive Woodward (PGCE), Sports Science, O.B.E. Head Coach and Director of English Rugby. -See Foreword
Clive Woodward

Clive Woodward is Rated by Johnny Wilkinson MBE
(England and Newcastle, 2002 Player of the Year)
to be the Best Coach in the World.
source (Sunday Mirror Sport 22/12/2002)

Stuart Barnes, Daily Telegraph and Sky Sports CorrespondentStuart Barnes (Ex International + Lion)
Rugby Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph
TV Rugby Analyst for SKY SPORTS "the RUGBY CLUB"
(Source: Daily Telegraph Sports Section,
Page S9 Mon Sept 8th 2003)

"Woodwards Men Take Game to New Heights"
When England Function on Standard Supply Lines the Power and Pace of their Game is a Step Ahead of Any Side who faces this "Super Fit Outfit".

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Professional coaching & fitness manuals written and fully illustrated by
World Accredited lll Coach "Bert Holcroft"

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