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These informative Manuals, reflect the advances made from the past decade of implementing the accepted Basic Fundimentals to a new era of participation.

By introducing "Bio Science Technology" promotes a new mode of Scientific Upgraded Techniques, integrating the branches of "Physics" i.e., Physiology + Kinesiolgy + Bio Mechanics of "Sports Science"with the core upgraded techniques of Rugby.

These restructured core components advance previously accepted Coaching Formulas to a new era of producing Smart Rugby.

Rubgy League
Futuristic Rugby League Manual

Futuristic Rugby League

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Elite Rugby Players Fitness Secrets

Have you asked yourself "Why are some nations so good at sport". It seems they specialise in acheiving results that the rest of us can only dream about.

Breaking the TackleSimply they use to their benefit the information available to them from Professional Coaches like Bert Holcroft Accredited III Coach, known the world over for creating fitness regimes that produce "Super Athletes".

This program is the precurser for "Prehab", an Injury Prevention Program.

Manual 2 Futuristic Rugby League:
Advanced Futuristic "Thirteen Man Rugby"
Illustrated and defined - (6 Chapters)

Front On TackleChapter 1:
Modern Rugby, Elite Fitness for Rugby Excellence, Facilitiating a New Mode of Smart Rugby, Scientific Fitness Revelations, Psychological + Physiological factors, Interacting, Interchanging, Integrating to attain New World, League and Union Supremecy.

Chapter 2:
Self Assessment - A) Scientific Testing, B) Fitness analysis for sport, Applied kinesiology, Nine Components, Five intensity levels + 4 Fitness Grades.

Chapter 3:
Modernistic Expansive Rugby, Proficiencies and Illustrations PRO T Ball Intensity, Continuity (T Ball) Disciplines, Contact Techniques, Drills, Skills and Grids, Technical Proficiencies of Evasion, Continuity Rugby, Advanced Techniques Illustrations, After Contact Continuity.

Chapter 4:
Coaching Knowledge, League and Union Rugby Supremecy, Philosophy and Formulae for a Successful Transformation of "Rugby Football" towards a Futuristic Modem of "Expansive Continuity Rugby", Assessment Stress and Pressure Situations, Bio-Mechanics and Physics of Passing and Receiving, Ploys and Plays in PRO T Ball Rugby.

Ball and All TackleChapter 5:
Coaching Rugby - Coaching of Personal Proficiencies, Modern Rugby, Scientific Analysis, Defence Mode for Modern Rugby, PRO T Ball Total Defence Strategy Summary, Principles and Applications of Kicking, Principles and Techniques of Dribbling and Picking Up a Rugby Ball, New Mode of Kicking Analysis, Personal Awareness of Application.

Chapter 6:
Sports Nutritional Analysis, Determining the Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold, A) Energy to Burn, B) Chemical Energy and C) Pre-Game Nutritional Energy, Simlified and Defined Nutritional Guidlines for Rugby, Food and Fuel for Rugby, The Demon Drink, Match Day Nutrition, Care of Common Rugby Injuries, Essential Nutritional Guidlines for Fat Loss - Somatype.



Prehab, is a Personalised fitness program based on A.R.T.H.E.R's Quest, eg;

  • Strength and FitnessAge
  • Related
  • Target
  • Heart
  • Exercise
  • Rate

Microsoft Excel Somatographformulated into a Microsoft Excel Ergometric Exercise Somatograph scientifically developed to evolve until the practising particpants have acheived the accepted score of 48 points (100% fitness), either on a Personal Level or as a Squad, providing Sports Specific Accreditation for All Sports Participants.

As this Program is Governed by A.R.T.H.E.R's quest "Prehab" is promoted, evolving a personalised Injury Prevention Program" by formulating and addressing Total Body Evaluation of the Pre-Requisite (9) levels and (12) components of Fitness facilitating the requirements of Physical Excellence to Participate in the "Sport of Your Choice" at the Highest Level, adhere to A.R.T.H.E.R's request combined with the S.A.I.D principle of weight training (progressive resitance exercise) to acheive your goal e.g S.A.I.D equates;

    Strength and FitnessWeight Training
  • Specific
  • Adaption to
  • Increased
  • Demands

As described in Manual Fitness Analysis for All Sports.


You Could Interpret "LUCK" in Sport as an advantage where

What Can be Imagined

Your Body is a Garden



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