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These informative Manuals, reflect the advances made from the past decade of implementing the accepted Basic Fundimentals to a new era of participation.

By introducing "Bio Science Technology" promotes a new mode of Scientific Upgraded Techniques, integrating the branches of "Physics" i.e., Physiology + Kinesiolgy + Bio Mechanics of "Sports Science"with the core upgraded techniques of Rugby.

These restructured core components advance previously accepted Coaching Formulas to a new era of producing Smart Rugby.

Rubgy League
Futuristic Rugby League Manual

Futuristic Rugby League

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These informative Cutting Edge Formulas with Fully Illustrated features in the Manuals, could be of great benefit to all ages + gender from (under age to open age) + Seniors to Professionals, by promoting the core Basics of Rugby to a Professional Level of "Upgraded Technical Proficincies", creating an exhilerating enviroment for Rugby participation into the 21st Century and Beyond.

We the Authors of these Manuals envisage that these scientificaly related modifications of Modes of Rugby will superceed other previous publications of Rugby League + Levels of Fitness, in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

The Manuals focus on Re Structuring the whole thinking on implementations of the previous Basic Fundimentals i.e.

      Reaching Through a Tackle

      • Passing, Receving and Kicking a Ball
      • Re-Starts
      • Game Plans + Ploys
      • Rugby League Techniques, Tactics + Strategies
      • Play the Ball Techniques
      • Rucks = T-Ball
      • Transfer Ball
      • Tackling Techniques

into Cutting Edge Upgraded Proficincies with over 100 Image Illustrations.
To ally with the afore mentioned techniques, are the areas of Contact, Impact, Collission confrontations and implications of the tackle area.

To promote and progress your field advantages, requires new innovated technical proficiencies to formulate a continuity of Expansive Rugby e.g. Ball Retention and Transfer to facilitate a successful conclusion, these innovated Technical Proficincies are featured in this Professional Accredited Futuristic Rugby Manual.

These Manuals promote an awareness of the importance "Sports Science" plays in the future of Rugby League to further enchance the Players + Coaches chances of achieving new levels of participation.

Excel SomatographTo accelerate these new plateaus We have designed an "Elite Excel Computerised Fitness Somatograph Program" depicting + analysing every players Strengths and Weaknesses. We believe these Scientificaly Correlated innovations should be the future Pre-Reqiuisite for players and coaches to establish a succsseful conclusion into the 21st Century and Beyond.

For the First Time in Print Professional Secrets Revealed to You the Public of
Techniques, Ploys, Gameplans, Tactics and Strategies.

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Professional coaching & fitness manuals written and fully illustrated by
World Accredited lll Coach "Bert Holcroft"

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