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Hello and Welcome to Sports Revelations Enterprises,
My Name is Bert Holcroft, I am a World Accredited III Coach and I have spent a Lifetime Developing Specialist Fitness, Dietry, Coaching and Training Techniques for some of the Worlds Leading Sports People in All Contact Sports - Read My History Here

I and My Team have Compiled a Series of 4 Manuals and a Very Professional Scientific Computer Programme, which are Targeted at Passing On Our Wealth of Knowledge to the Whole World, Especially to the Young and Less Financially Able, all are available for Purchase Direct from this Website in a Range of Formats and Prices. ( Professional Quality Hardback, Professional Quality Softback or Via Email )

World Rugby

(for the Rugby Un-educated) - New Chums to the Rugby World
World Rugby has 2 differing types of game called "Codes", many people enjoy watching and participating in both codes but in the main Most Individuals have a preference for One of the 2 Codes - "Rugby Union" or "Rugby League".

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Futuristic Fifteen Man Rugby Futuristic Rugby League

We also have Specialist Manuals for Soccer / Football and Fitness Analysis for All Sports.

Comments About Our Manuals

Our Manuals have already sold in Large Numbers, and have been Purchased and Read by many Leading Lights of the Sports World, we have attracted Compliments for our developments from Leading Figures such as Clive Woodward (PGCE), Sports Science, O.B.E. Head Coach and Director of English Rugby. -See Foreword

Clive Woodward is Rated by Johnny Wilkinson MBE
(England and Newcastle, 2002 Player of the Year)
to be the Best Coach in the World.
source (Sunday Mirror Sport 22/12/2002)

Stuart Barnes, Daily Telegraph and Sky Sports CorrespondentStuart Barnes (Ex International + Lion)
Rugby Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph
TV Rugby Analyst for SKY SPORTS "the RUGBY CLUB"
(Source: Daily Telegraph Sports Section, Page S9 Mon Sept 8th 2003)

"Woodwards Men Take Game to New Heights"
When England Function on Standard Supply Lines the Power and Pace of their Game is a Step Ahead of Any Side who faces this "Super Fit Outfit".

"Clive Woodward OBE" recognised by experts such as;

      • Eddie Jones (Coach of the Australian Wallabies RFU),
      • John Mitchell (Coach of the New Zealand All Blacks RFU),
      • Johnny Wilkinson M.B.E, (Ex Capt of England RFU)
      • Martyn Johnson, (Captain of England RFU)
      • Phil Larder, (Defensive Coach England RFU)
      • Andy Robinson, (Assistant to Clive Woodward)
        and Many More as one of the Leading Innovators in Todays Rugby

Clive Woodward OBEForeword by Clive Woodward OBE
The Authors of this Rugby Manual are respected professional associates.
I have previously discussed the introduction of the Mechanics of Physics into Rugby through Bio Science Technology with them. They have gone one-step further and compiled this informative Techno-Bio-Science 15 Man Rugby Manual.

Clive Woodward OBEThis Rugby Manual is very well written, defined and fully illustrated. Implementing the factual dynamics of integrating Techno-Bio-Science promoting a new mode of Smart Rugby.
A Pre Requisite for winning ways.

Continuing on the same theme Bert, Margo &Team have designed an Elite Fitness Program in a Computerised Excel Somatograph Format, (can be purchased seperately), depicting and analysing Personal Fitness Assessment, in my opinion a very useful tool to have in your possession.

These innovations are quite unique and as associates may I say a Hearty “Well Done” in promoting these new concepts of Scientific Technology into today’s Rugby, These

  • Rugby Union and League,
  • Soccer
  • and Fitness Manuals are concise and very easy to read.

Clive WoodwardRFU - Rugby Footballl Union

Professional coaching & fitness manuals written and fully illustrated by
World Accredited lll Coach "Bert Holcroft"

  • Futuristic Rugby Football Union
  • Futuristic Rugby League
  • Fitness coaching and training for all Sports and Genders
  • Futuristic Soccer Coaching Knowledge
  • Learn at Home Rugby Union
  • Learn at Home Rugby League
  • 101 Sports Coaching Tips

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